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For Your Whole Family!

Family Using Rocket Languages

If you have other family members that are studying your new favorite language at the same time as you are, or your children all want to learn the same language at the same time, then our Family Discounts are perfect for you!

Rocket Languages courses all come with a single user login so the members’ area will only track one person’s progress. However, if you have another family member who wants to be able to track their own progress, now they can have access to their own members’ area for only $49.95 per user, per language, per level.

For example...

David and Maria are planning for their honeymoon in Mexico and have decided to learn some Spanish using Rocket Spanish before they go. They each want to have access to their members’ areas so they can practice in their own time and track their progress through the course. So David buys Rocket Spanish Premium (Level 1) for $99.95 and Premium Plus (Level 2) for $149.95. Maria then makes a payment of $99.90 ($49.95 x 2) to have her own access set up for the two levels of Spanish her husband signed up for. That means David and Maria saved a total of $150!

Purchase Additional Courses For Your Whole Family Today...

If you’ve already bought a Rocket Languages course and you’d like to set up your family member(s) with personalized access to the same language, please click on the ‘Click Here to Buy’ Paypal button below which will take you to the Libros Media Ltd order summary page. Make sure you’ve entered the correct number of licenses you require in the "Quantity" box and click "Update" to update the total amount.

Once the payment has gone through, just email our support team here with the name and email address of the additional family member(s). Please include the Clickbank receipt number of your original purchase (or the email address you used to buy the course).

Happy learning!

Puchase additional Rocket Languages' courses for your family
for US$49.95 per family member, per language, per level.