Are you an intermediate to advanced French speaker? Looking for something to push your French to the next level?

If you want to become THE expert French speaker in your group of friends and colleagues then the Rocket French Travelogue series is for you.

The Rocket French Travelogue series builds upon what you have already learned with more advanced conversations and dialogue.

The Travelogues are built upon the successful learning strategies that Rocket French uses. If you remember these are the exact same strategies that polyglots use to successfully master many languages. It’s like an audio book on steroids!

So, what’s in the Rocket French Travelogue series?

The Rocket French Travelogue series follows our intrepid explorers, Alain and Nathalie’s travels around France. As they visit different parts of the continent you will be able to participate in their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes!

Audio Tracks

There are 40 downloadable (or streaming) audio tracks in the Rocket French Travelogue series. Each of these tracks covers 2-3 chapters of Alain and Nathalie’s travels around France. Just like the Rocket French Interactive Audio course, you can download these to play offline.

French to English Toggling

To help with your understanding of French, you can toggle between English and French or even display both English and French for the entire story.

Reinforcement Testing

If you are familiar with Rocket French then you will know that a key part of that course is the reinforcement testing that helps you retain what you have learned. The Rocket French Travelogue series has similar testing.

The big difference is that, as the Travelogues are very conversational, there are 2 to 4 Play it! Tests per chapter.

So, not only do you get Hear it say it!, Write it! And Know it! For each chapter, you also get Multiple Play it! tests.

Voice Recognition

Again, if you are familiar with Rocket French then you be familiar with Rocket Record, our voice recognition technology. Currently Chrome is the only browser that fully supports voice recognition, but it is coming to other browsers as they catch up.

The Travelogues have 1804 more advanced French words and phrases that you can practice your pronunciation with. You will be talking like a native French speaker in no time!


Each and every chapter also comes with a FlashCard set, giving you yet another way to reinforce your French skills.

What else is included?

  • Progress tracking: your at-a-glance Dashboard, so you know where you are up to
  • Rating system: As you go, you get to rate how well you know all the French words and phrases in the series. The more you know, the better your rating
  • Badges, points, and the leaderboard: this works really well to keep you motivated and coming back for more
  • Phrase Finder: so you can find words and phrases within different contexts throughout the series
  • My Vocab: a handy tool for you to store any difficult to remember vocabulary
  • My Notes: another handy tool that lets you make personal notes on each lesson for future reference
  • Free updates!

And of course, the Travelogue series is backed by the Rocket Languages 60 day money back guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and become the expert French speaker that other people turn to for advice.

Order the Rocket French Travelogue series today!

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