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Vegard Fjeldberg

Rocket Chinese — Norway
7 years ago

What I like about Rocket Chinese are: +Writing part: Makes you understand the strange writing system which the Chinese people use. Video recording on how to write letters makes you visualize how you are going to do this, instead of only knowing the theory... More

Aya  Ibrahim

Rocket Chinese — Ras Al Khaimah
7 years ago

In the first time i was afraid to not get the Chinese tunes , but with this awesome Rocket Chinese I've learned a lot.. and am thinking to have the whole course here when i get free =) to all who are making for us these lesson , zaijian!! :) More

Frederic Gillet
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Rocket Chinese
7 years ago

I'm just starting but feeling quite confident! The website is nice, seems well organized and clear. Let's rock and speak Mandarin!!! I'm already thinking about learning Korean and Hindi in the near future!!! More


Rocket Chinese — Athens
7 years ago

I decided to try and learn Chinese just for the challenge of it. It is only a few days I started Rocket language method and I am very satisfied. I have already recommended it to all my friends! The small dialogues are very helpful... More

Carolyn Gordon
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Rocket Chinese — Perth
7 years ago

When I use Rocket Language I am totally absorbed and unaware of what is going on around me. The dialogue is written as if someone is actually talking to me and dotted with humour that makes me smile and lightens the learning... More


Rocket Chinese
7 years ago

Easy to learn and pick up. Navigation and explanations and simple and good to understand, which is great. I like the point system too and how the process of how far you have gotten. Too bad my friends have no interest in other languages, otherwise I would spam this site to them and recommend it non stop to them :) 10/10 More


Rocket Chinese
7 years ago

There are many good tools to practice Chinese. I really like the rocket record where you can compare the pronunciation with Chinese speaking people. The only thing that I am missing is that there should be a prepared vocabulary for each chapter... More

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Rocket Chinese — peru,indina
7 years ago

It is helping me learn Chinese. My goal is to move to Taiwan this June. That is one of the main reasons I am doing Chinese today. I also like the challenge. Sometimes it is much easier than others. How can I learn Chinese faster ??? More


Rocket Chinese — Wisconsin
7 years ago

Alright, so I have been using Rocket Chinese for about a year now. I was attracted mostly by the price and the amount of features involved. I was not about the drop hundreds of dollars on Rosetta's Stone or Pimsleur, but I did want quality learning... More

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