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John P

Rocket Chinese — United States
2 years ago

So the program is pretty decent. Using Rocket will definitely increase proficiency. The most frustrating part of the platform by far is the new voice recording system -it's extremely slow and very un-responsive... More

Kevin Brown

Rocket Chinese — Canada
1 year ago

I initially loved the course because I used it in my mobile driving back and forth to work. But once I got to level 3 I found the explanation of the dialogue to be very lacking. Essentially it required me to sit down in front of a computer... More

Marcy Castro

Rocket Chinese — riverside ca
4 years ago

really confusing sometimes. dont help you very much. i wouldnt recommend it to a friend. they need to put more iinfo. dont help you with vocab very much. dont really like it. it was also reaally har to submit reviews or ask them questions so of courese dont like service or prices. More

Warren Russell


Rocket Chinese — Springville, UT, United States
7 days ago

Seeing all the rave reviews makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me. I am not a linguistic novice; I am a native speaker of English but a fluent speaker of Korean, I majored in linguistics in graduate school, and I've studied several languages both in university classes and on my own... More

William McGeen

Rocket Chinese — North Vancouver
6 years ago

Of the three online Chinese courses I use. Rocket Chinese is by far the best. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a language. The easy of usage. The way the courses are laid out all lend toward a pleasant learning experience. More

Michael Volante

Rocket Chinese — Alpharetta/ GA, United States
3 years ago

There is no functionality to allow you to quickly click on a word that you don't know to figure out what it means. Instead you have to wait through the painstakingly slow audio to hear someone tell you what it means... More

Anand Sampat

Rocket Chinese — Palo Alto, CA, United States
3 years ago

I cannot get the microphone to work in any way. On my phone the app skips and cannot capture my voice properly. ON desktop it doesn't even record always saying "Try again". I demand a refund unless I can find a fix... More

Chansse Evanns

Rocket Chinese — Paris
5 years ago

I was curious about Rocket Languages until I began using it, feeling comfortable with it and see the difference. Now, I am comfortable with Rocket Language, Lin Ping ways of healping others to understanding rocket languages. More

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