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Cristine ethel rocha

Rocket Korean — IV-A, Philippines
3 years ago

By the time i see this site i know that i can learn Korean languages which i was looking . This time im just thinking to join this kind of teaching program , thats why i click the free trial button . I am so excited to know more about of this site, but i cant go more further because i need to join and be a member , i need to pay some to register but... More

Nurul Jusoh

Rocket Japanese — terengganu, Malaysia
3 years ago

it is an awesome software ... the tour is so nice because i can memorize it straight away... the sound is so nice , and i like japanese more better. it also gives a good tips especially in forum. i really appreciate this software... More

Siva Rama Krishna polabattula

Rocket Hindi — kakinada, India
3 years ago

Hindi is my national language. so i picked up rocket languages as the best one to enrich my language. the modules are good enough to make us better speaker. I have some other material but this is interesting and easy to adapt... More

Peter Geer

Rocket French — Sydney, Australia
3 years ago

I'm really enjoying using Rocket French. The lessons are interesting and easy to follow. The language recognition is excellent and works well in both understanding and correction. The only small problem is that it doesn't sync well across my devices... More

Nguyen Dung

Rocket French — Vietnam
3 years ago

Overall, I am happy with Rocket Languages. I love the way Rocket Languages has been designed to capture attention of learners. I find it really useful to navigate around, simple yet elegant and straight to the point... More

Maria Rodriguez

Rocket Korean — NC, United States
3 years ago

I think that it is a very helpful place to start if you are just starting to learn Korean, or if you just want to learn the basics to get you trough if you are going to visit Korea. I like how they actually test you and you can choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard in the Rocket Record... More

Michael Boyd

Rocket Italian — Cortona, Italy
3 years ago

Sometimes you get more than you pay for and that is the case with Rocket Languages. They don't promise more than they deliver and they deliver what they claim. All for a good price! I've tried the online freebies (I continue to use some of them) but my serious study of Italian is Rocket Languages... More

Humairaa Suliman

Rocket Korean — Australia
3 years ago

A great way to be introduced into a language! With easy access and availability - Rocket Language allows you the opportunity to study at your own time and at your own pace. With a few minutes a day and reviewing it, Rocket Language helps to solidify what you just learned... More

Jonathan Kuiper

Rocket Italian — United States
3 years ago

Rocket Italian has been a perfect fit for my limited time in practicing the basics of the language. I appreciate the different exercises and think this is a solid program for those starting out. Being able to listen to the audio lessons is available and great reinforcement when reviewing vocabulary and other terms... More

Kayren Segall

Rocket French — United States
3 years ago

This program is simply the best value out there. You can go at your own pace and review as much as you need. The "Points Goal" gives you a target every day, and it's fun to see how long you can maintain an "active streak" without missing a day... More

David Kruse
1 Like

Rocket French — Australia
3 years ago

The best feature of Rocket French is that I can use the program any time of the day, which is handy because I work a full time job and cannot be flexible with my time. It has so far proven useful for helping me develop my speaking and comprehension skills... More

Diane Failach

Rocket French — Jensen Beach, United States
3 years ago

I really enjoy that it's interactive and you can receive instant results on how you actually sound. I enjoy the games and the fun competitive "BADGE" rewards system that was created. I would like to know though how long some of my competitors have been learning French? So that way I can measure myself (a newbie) and compare to a lets say a veteran rocket language friend. More

Stephen Nuttall

Rocket French — Sible Hedingham, United Kingdom
3 years ago

Salut tout le monde! I studied french over 25 years ago, and gave up because the course didn't seem practical or relate to real-life situations. Things have obviously moved on since then, and the Rocket French online course is excellent... More

Inky LI

Rocket French — China
3 years ago

My friend introduced rocket languages to me before I buy it. She used it to learn Spanish and she can speak fluent Spanish right now. I started to learn French by myself a few days before I bought rocket French... More

Shailynn Williams

Rocket Korean — United States
3 years ago

In all the time that I've been learning Korean I have not found a better system. It meets you where you are and teaches you in a very clear and easy to learn . In the few days that I've had this program I have progressed more than I have in my year of self study... More

Mai Ein
1 Like

Rocket Korean — Madison, United States
3 years ago

This is really helpful on line learning. First I just tried trail and it makes me to go on. This is my second week of learning and I feel like I am improved. Also we can download and get the lesson file... More

Harinath Reddy

Rocket German — Bangalore, India
3 years ago

Initially I dint trust. But when started experimenting really awesome software. You can learn a lot lot n more. Really appreciated for its designing. Learning German made me easy but little expensive to purchase online... More

Antonio Silva

Rocket French — Lisboa, Portugal
3 years ago

I start Rocket Languages a few years ago with Deutch. Now I restart to training Deutch and French I've been delightedly with the new capacities, with the integration of the elements. Today I make a delicious purchase... More

Jasminette Simette

Rocket Japanese — Algeria
3 years ago

As a newbie in the platform I can't say much about it but I've noticed that it's well orgranized and use some dynamic ways in order to help us to learn any language easily as the audio courses , the forum were we can exchange our knowledge , the evaluation system ... More

Phil Wade

Rocket French — France
3 years ago

I have tried most other elearning apps for French and made little progress. I wanted something with real lessons that I could do when I wanted and with an emphasis on speaking and writing. Rocket French is exactly that kind of course... More

John Defillippo

Rocket Spanish — Pennsylvania, United States
3 years ago

I have been using Rocket Spanish for over a year now off and on and am very satisfied with the product. I find the learning format to be useful and it works for me. I like listening to the lessons and follow the format used in the programs... More

Stephen Marchant
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Rocket Italian — United Kingdom
3 years ago

I am greatly enjoying the Rocket Italian course (whilst continuing with Rocket French). Really glad I bought these courses - they are far better (and much better value for money) than others I have tried as they help you not just to speak and understand but also give valuable insights into how the language 'works'... More

marna mccullough

Rocket Spanish — United States
3 years ago

In my opinion, Rocket Language is the ultimate language learning program. It is fun. I feel it will be possible to become fluent in learning Spanish. I retain a great deal of information using Rocket Spanish... More

James Karr
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Rocket German — United Kingdom
3 years ago

I am finding this course both challenging and enjoyable. Since I have bought Rocket German they have added a good amount of material. I like that you can make your own goals and there are different kind of challenges to each lesson... More

Noah Ruff

Rocket Japanese — Croton on Hudson
3 years ago

I am really enjoying my Rocket Japanese experience so far. You all have really created a very well rounded system for learning a new language. I love the diversity of information and mediums of teaching... More

Michael Maunder

Rocket Chinese
3 years ago

Great product with a surprising amount of useful phrases worked into the dialogue. Love being able to act out a conversation. Only thing lacking would be a direct literal translation of some phrases and words in the lesson screen... More

Ann  Wilgosz

Rocket French — Panama City FL
3 years ago

So far I think the program is great. I used rosetta stone for Spanish and already with Rocket I am learning French faster than I did Spanish with Rosetta stone. I would recommend this program to anyone! More

Quynh Chi

Rocket French — Onex
3 years ago

i have been self-taught French for over a year by buying books, watching lessons in the internet, watching french movies. I still found it hard to catch on with French, as i dont have a structured programe for it... More

Carissa Youngbluth

Rocket Arabic — colorado
3 years ago

I've recently gained the opportunity to go to Germany for a job! All great news, with the small bump that i need to learn German within the next 3 months. I just started this program and i am loving it so far! It's easy to follow the lessons and focus on what the speakers are teaching and the site itself is simple and easy to navigate through to learn your intended language... More

Ant Wingate

Rocket Italian — Nottingham
3 years ago

I have a very busy life style. Working away a lot all over the UK. My mum's side of the family were from Italy. I've had the desire to learn Italian for this reason and also I plan to honeymoon there in 2018... More

Harry Cooksey

Rocket French — Suwanee, GA
3 years ago

I've been using RF for about 5 months. I've gone to other internet courses to add to what I'm learning, and finding that I always come back to RF. The other courses are good, but don't work for my style of learning and pace... More

B Stewy

Rocket French — Ontario
3 years ago

Great program for french learners of all levels. The various learning techniques are very helpful and keep things interesting. The environment keeps me motivated to keep learning and continue moving forward... More

Christine Tempestoso

Rocket Italian
4 years ago

I have been trying to learn Italian for a long time because my husband's family is from Italy and speak Italian. I have purchased books, flashcards, CD's, and other programs but nothing seems to work. Rocket Italian is a fun, interactive learning tool that keeps me engaged and wanting to come back to increase my points and earn the next badge... More

Rebecca  Thatcher

Rocket French — Boston
4 years ago

When I first started learning at Rocket Languages, I was so surprised. Not only did Rocket Languages offer so many topics on so many levels, but this website makes it fun and simple to learn french. It offers tips that are understandable and thus my french comprehension has risen to a level far beyond my expectations... More

Jackie King

Rocket German
4 years ago

Rocket Languages uses a variety of approaches, including listening, speaking, reading and writing - and above all, REPETITION, which really helps me learn. I also like the combination of "learn by hearing" and specific grammar instruction... More

Gafsi Saddam

Rocket Japanese
4 years ago

It's a well organized website with interesting features that helped making learning more fun and interesting. I can say that the content is suitable for anyone looking to learn about japanease culture and language... More

Ben  Burton

Rocket Japanese
4 years ago

I really enjoy the variety of tasks per lesson. While not all are how I learn, it appears that Rocket Language covers a wide variety of learning styles to cover most people's learning styles. I enjoy the audio portions and the text recall sessions... More

Josee Pelser

Rocket Italian — Ballito
4 years ago

I did the trial I like it. I am battling with translating from English to Italian. Seems a very nice programme. I'd love to carry on but don't have enough motivation. The programme what I gave learnt is very distinct... More

Mary Hunt

Rocket Russian — NY
4 years ago

This is a great site, very easy to use, and very helpful! I would recommend this sight to anyone . I am improving my Russian! Rocket Russian came free through my college linguistic's course so I could not be happier for the price! More

Derrick Schreiber

Rocket Japanese
4 years ago

Rocket Languages is great for getting into a language right away with phrases you will use often, and then following it up with cultural lessons, which are interesting and important if you plan to visit that country. More

Robert Armstrong

Rocket Spanish — Florida
4 years ago

Outstanding course. You will be learning to communicate in your first lesson. The course has been huge to me in being able to converse with a son-in-law from Argentina, niece from Puerto Rico, partner from Cuba, and friends from Mexico and Hondurus... More

John M G Quinn

Rocket French — Belfast
4 years ago

I have other more expensive programs, but Rocket French is easier to use and gives a good insight into the language which some of the others struggle to do. I Definitely recommend Rocket French to anyone wishing to learn another language. More

Katherine Brinker

Rocket Arabic — Arizona
4 years ago

I love the voice recognition, which allows my pronunciation to progress quickly! The videos demonstrating how to write out the characters have also been immensely helpful, I would definitely recommend this. More


Rocket French
4 years ago

I travel to Québec from the U.S. almost weekly for my job. This course is very helpful in my quest to speak fluent French. Thank you for this well structured interactive course! I am learning at my own pace, fitting it nicely to my schedule... More


Rocket Spanish — JOHANNESBURG
4 years ago

I bought Rocket Spanish a long while ago and it is truly great. I have been so busy and not too diligent about my lessons so what I REALLY like and appreciate is that I keep getting mails and lessons to encourage me which keeps me from giving up completely... More

Tiago Ficagna

Rocket French — Itapema
4 years ago

The course is really cool to do. I love the tool that make a simulation of conversation. This type of tool really help to improve the capacity of memorization of the language. It's really cool. And the system is very powerfull with a lot of tips to learning better! More

Mohamed Nagy

Rocket Arabic — Cairo
4 years ago

First I'm Egyptian Arabic Tutor, who want to check rocket langauges' Arabic book. I recommend it too much. every lesson has 400 points , you will listen to a conversation Audio and it's transcript , then you will record your voice... More

Carloalberto Ratti

Rocket German
4 years ago

Rocket Languages is a wonderful interactive online tool to study and practice a new language. It offer a large variety of exercises to improve in writing, listening and speaking. The exercises are with increasing difficulty, so that anybody... More

DesTin DeTar

Rocket Korean — North Richland Hills, TX
4 years ago

It's super easy to use. I want to be a professional gamer in the future. Korea is currently the most competitive country so being able to discuss strategy with Koreans is super important to staying ahead of the competition... More

Joseph  ita

Rocket Spanish — calabar/cross river state
4 years ago

Learning spanish has been made really easy for me with the help of rocket spanish. I used to think i would have to go to a spanish school to learn the language but when i came across rocket spanish, it changed my ideology completely... More

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