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Stephen Andrew

Rocket French — Arlington, MA, United States
2 years ago

I have used Rosetta Stone and Berlitz in the past to become comfortable with Italian and German before trips. I found both of those much easier than Rocket. The English accent of the narrator makes it hard to follow, and the pace is very slow, which leads me to get distracted mid-lesson. More

Elza Dekleyn

Rocket Japanese — Estepona
7 years ago

Enjoy learning it, Very good because you can always return to difficult parts. Had to stop for a while because of moving my home, but it was easy to pick up. From now on, I'll regularly continue. The target is learning the language... More

Glenn White

Rocket German
6 years ago

Awesome does not express how really really ausgezeichnet the program is. Every time I come back to the lessons, I learn something new. Each lesson provides practice in many different situations. The tests at the end of the lessons are a little too easy, but it works... More

Sarah Parker

Rocket Sign Language — United States
2 years ago

My review is of Rocket Languages Sign Language. Someone who is just beginning to learn sign language has no hope of following your lessons because you sign too fast. Much too fast! It's okay to have a fast version, as long as a slow version is included... More

Nicholas Pellerin

Rocket Spanish — United States
2 years ago

I was astonished by the sexism and gender stereotypes, there were even lessons about the nativity. I wanted to share these lessons with my partner, who is more advanced than me, but I was too embarrassed, and some lessons were unlistenable for me, due to these problems... More

Elaine Taylor
1 Like

Rocket Spanish — Mississauga
7 years ago

I've been looking for an interactive program to teach me Spanish... and Rocket Languages fits the bill! It's easy to use, cheaper than the competition and fits my learning style. Can't ask for more! More

Darlene Baker

Rocket Spanish — United States
2 years ago

I would love Rocket Languages if it would work and the sound would stop cutting out. I ask for help they say it will take 2 days to get a response for my request. I really thought the first course 1.1 was great but i cant get past 1... More

Kimberly  Alston

Rocket Spanish — Asheboro
6 years ago

I love rocket language because i learn a whole lot i am 11 years old and i went to this web site because I've been wanting to learn Spanish and know i now Spanish, so gracious/ thank you for helping me learn Spanish so adios/goodbye p... More

Bruce Kaplan

Rocket French — United States
3 years ago

I was very satisfied with Rocket French Intermediate, so I purchased the Travelogue. Unfortunately, the Travelogue was highly disappointing. It is of very limited value as a language learning tool, and its interest as a cultural document was modest at best... More

Robert Gloria

Rocket Arabic — United States
4 years ago

Listening to the audio lessons is very boring. You hear someone saying something in Arabic, and then they tell you what it is in english with a little bit of filler and sometimes a lame joke. There's too much english speaking in between the arabic, and after listening to it I don't recall anything from it... More

Keith Manaton

Rocket French — West Sussex, United Kingdom
2 months ago

Very disappointed. I bought this primarily for verbal skills & to be confident to talk the language. The voice recognition software for all devices is dreadful. It is woefully inadequate & buggy. Aside there aren’t any repeat reinforcements in the lessons & each one is loaded with ‘additional’ vocabulary which confuses the core lesson. More

Vandon R.

Rocket French — United States
3 years ago

I have 3 previous French courses (Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum). I have been extremely satisfied with them; I listen to the audio lessons all of the time to increase my comprehension of spoken French... More

Megan Van Alstine

Rocket Italian — Canada
12 months ago

I enjoy the conversations that Rocket Italian is based on, but as a language instructor that uses strictly immersion techniques, I can't stand the amount of English that is in each lesson. There is SO much room for additional vocab that could be taught through the use of more exclusive Italian... More

Bruce Williams

Rocket French — Santa Monica, CA, United States
2 years ago

Nothing "awesome" to say. I thought you wanted my honest, candid feedback. Still waiting for help on the problem of inserting special characters in the writing practice section of lessons. Rocket told me I must wait two to four days... More


Rocket Spanish — Chino hills, CA, United States
1 year ago

The microphone on the trial program worked fine until I purchased the Spanish 1-3, then the microphone stopped working. I loaded the program onto another device, the microphone worked, but the 'play' button did not work! Very difficult to concentrate when there are so many technical difficulties with the program. More

Omer Yavuz

Rocket English — Ankara, Turkey
2 years ago

Your application is not running on Android phone. Whenever I activated microphone, program stops. I tried to run iPhone but it needs iOS 10 later. I can not run on iPhone. I tried to open on Android phone using Google Chrome... More

Thomas Casella

Rocket Italian — Coconut Creek, United States
2 months ago

Good morning, I have recently purchased Rocket Italian and Have just started Module 1. It seems there is a glitch in the audio depiction software every time you are asked to repeat the numbers one, two, three... More

bubill yang

Rocket Japanese — china, China
2 years ago

Rocket languages supply "Translation method" for learning 2nd Languages . It's the same as in the school. There worse has no photos to understand by view , no stroke order . Too many lessons for beginners . More

Michael Volante

Rocket Chinese — Alpharetta/ GA, United States
3 years ago

There is no functionality to allow you to quickly click on a word that you don't know to figure out what it means. Instead you have to wait through the painstakingly slow audio to hear someone tell you what it means... More

Edgar Tawes

Rocket Spanish — Statesboro, GA, United States
3 years ago

I was using Spanishpod101, and I switched to RocketSpanish based on online reviews. I regret the decision. I'm disappointed that there's no means to diagnose my proficiency and place me in the appropriate level... More

Jennifer Layton

Rocket Spanish — Morrisville, NC, United States
5 months ago

I've been using the Rocket Spanish for 53 days, and while it has some good points, it's not an effective program for learning Spanish. The co-host, Mauricio, does not speak clearly enough for a beginner to understand, and there are some times when he is clearly not saying the sentence that is on the screen... More

Manal Abdel-hamid

Rocket French — Egypt
2 years ago

I have had a technical problem with Rocket French for over a month now. I cannot play the audio files of ALL interactive lessons, and that is on several different devices. The support team has not been able to fix it for me, and their response rate is too slow... More

Sheila Lee

Rocket French — Mount Pleasant Pa, United States
3 years ago

I would never recommend this course to anyone and I bet they don't let this be printed but I will find someway of getting a true review out there- I have tried for 6 days to contact customer service- No one is ever there- its 5 15 pacific standard time and they are to be available and no one is available- I leave email for 6 days- and get 2 stupid emails back that say the very same thing- update chrome and I already have updated chrome... More

Milla Relf

Rocket Korean — Kiev, Ukraine
3 years ago

The web site is complicated and not very user friendly. I've spent 5 min trying to figure out how do I start the lessons and where to begin the studying. It's stupid to spend so much effort on a web site to have people leave confused... More

Ian Corker

Rocket Spanish — United Kingdom
2 years ago

This started well, but the App was changes and now the microphone does not give any time to respond. Despite repeated requests to rectify the problem, nothing has changed. I am now forced to request my money back as the product is NOT fit for purpose... More

Cecilia PIRIZ

Rocket Italian — New Jersey, United States
3 months ago

I didn't like the program. It's mostly translating into English. I spent more time listening to the dialogue in English than Italian. Even the Italian girl speaks more English than Italian. A waste of time and money More

Random Dude

Rocket French — Alabama, Zimbabwe
3 months ago

Hey guys I totally recommend this website to you. THIS WEBSITE WILL MAKE YOU BECOME FRENCH MASTER IN 5 MINUTES. More

Anand Sampat

Rocket Chinese — Palo Alto, CA, United States
3 years ago

I cannot get the microphone to work in any way. On my phone the app skips and cannot capture my voice properly. ON desktop it doesn't even record always saying "Try again". I demand a refund unless I can find a fix... More

Jindrich Parik

Rocket French — Czech Republic
3 years ago

Well, the course is OK, working with the microphone helps. I am very happy with it. I am not happy and I have to say I am disappointed with the customer service. I have asked 3 times for the invoice for paid amount, nothing happened, no response... More

Chansse Evanns

Rocket Chinese — Paris
5 years ago

I was curious about Rocket Languages until I began using it, feeling comfortable with it and see the difference. Now, I am comfortable with Rocket Language, Lin Ping ways of healping others to understanding rocket languages. More

Vitor Jacinto

Rocket Italian — Brazil
2 years ago

Terrible experience with the Rocket Languages. I have been struggling to find a motivation to keep studying but the boring experience that the platform gives you doesn't lead you anywhere. It's just a bunch of "repeat" this, "repeat "that" that you will be closing the browser before finishing the audio lesson... More

Amy Wagner

Rocket French — United States
8 months ago

Cannot get ahold of the support team and cannot sign in from the public library for free lessons since I already signed up for a trial account. Completely unacceptable. Would like for them to delete my email so I could possibly have access from the library system, but it is impossible to get ahold any one! Note by Rocket Languages: Hi Amy, thanks for your feedback... More

Linda Francis

Rocket French — Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
3 years ago

Shame on you Rocket Languages! There has been some improvement but your system still keeps freezing, not transmitting your words and not recording mine. The little bars that wiggle and show the microphone is live freeze, i... More

Ana K

Rocket French — CA, United States
1 year ago

I JUST BOUGHT THE TRAVELOGUE AND I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.!!! This version does not give the sentence by sentence AUDIO translation: first spoken in French then telling you what it is in English, which DOES NOT MAKE IT USEFUL WHILE DRIVING OR WORKING OUT... More

Jacob Dababneh

Rocket Arabic — Michigan, United States
7 months ago

I was trying to learn Arabic and I know only a little so I listen to them explain the numbers and I know my numbers 1-10 so I was listen and the numbers were mixed up like they said wahoud is 2 but it is actually 1 and it did the same mixed up thing the whole time so don’t waste your time on this app thinking there going to teach cause your just going to get mixed up with different words More

Omer Deveci

Rocket English — Cupertino, United States
2 years ago

Whoever may concern, I am having a problem with your program, Rocket. It was working very well however, I couldn’t use the program it gives an error when I am trying to record my voice on given sentences... More


Rocket French — London, United Kingdom
2 years ago

Indeed it is a very good French Language program. But, do really expect people to believe so called " discounts/Coupon Applied!! , Early Bird Discount, Save Hundreds!!" and pay all that money for a language program!! If you had any respect to your potential students you would offer a real, genuine price!! NOT DANGLING CARROTS !! Regards, S S From London PS ... More

Jess Chandler

Rocket Sign Language — IN, United States
4 months ago

Just started using it. Trying to learn the alphabet and unfortunately the majority of the videos won't play. When I click on the play button either the screen goes all black or all white. Sent an email to get help and have yet to hear back from anyone... More

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