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Angelina Lam

Rocket French — toronto, Canada
5 months ago

Sorry, it is too early for me to give you a review of your course. Can I use Whatsapp instead of opening the ​computer to view your course? I am not sure I would buy it again, and I am not sure ...... More

Colin dawson

Rocket French — Caumont, France
5 months ago

I have only just started the course which is fine so far. My criticism would be that it does not reflect the way people talk in France. No one has ever said salut to me and the standard greeting is bonjour More

Madison Graff

Rocket French — United States
5 months ago

the live chat is awesome its helpful and you are talking to a friendly person it is the best they are nice and they help you find free lessons so you dont have to pay and they undersand everything that you say,and you can learn any language... More

James W

Rocket French — Paris, France
5 months ago

I would like to see something in Rocket Languages to drive a logical conversation (live person or AI) where user needs to respond to questions but without assistance and the program would validate the response (either written or audio)... More

Brendan Diamond

Rocket French — Kildare, Ireland
5 months ago

Rocket Languages is a very good program. I have only recently started using it but am finding it a very good way to learn a language. There are several different ways to use the program to learn like writing, pronunciation, flashcards etc... More

Kalenga Kakompe

Rocket French — Lusaka, Zambia
5 months ago

I love the interactive learning. It is unlike anything I have experienced before. It is amazing how I am able to master the phrases and words in French by clicking on the interaction tubs over and over again... More

May Castleberry

Rocket French — Sag Harbor New York, United States
5 months ago

I bought Rocket French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and am thrilled with it. I rarely write review, but my husband and I were just enjoying it (in preparation for a sabbatical year in Spain and France) and we are grateful we have this (as a lifetime resource no less). More

Mark Powers

Rocket French — Sun Prairie, WI, United States
3 months ago

I earned an undergrad degree in French fifty years ago, but I haven’t become proficient in speaking the language. Sad but true. Rocket Languages keeps my ears attuned to the language and enables me to practice anywhere that I have my phone. More

Kyna Sha

Rocket French — Edmonton, Canada
3 months ago

Rocket French is a great course and I've learned way more French than I have for 3 years in school. I'm now getting better marks in French class because I finally know more than the rest of the class. One thing that I didn't really like was that the voice recognition software doesn't work for me as it doesn't recognize what I'm saying even though I'm copying Paul and Marie-Claire... More

Oliver Nguyen

Rocket French — Lam Dong, Vietnam
3 months ago

This is THE MOST EFFECTIVE French training course I've ever experienced. While I couldn't buy this in full because of my economy problems, the trial is still a must-try when it comes to the French language learning. More

Ayan Kole

Rocket French — New Jersey, United States
3 months ago

I liked as much as I could cover in the free preview. It takes a lot of dedication to learn a language but rocket has good tools to help those who are interested. Having a monthly payment is a good option to have... More

Gemma Campbell

Rocket French — Preston, United Kingdom
3 months ago

I have been learning French for the last 10 years using a variety of methods including books and Rosetta Stone. I felt I was not progressing very well and nothing stuck which hindered my wanting to continue to learn... More

Anthony H

Rocket French — Brisbane, Australia
3 months ago

Rocket Languages after sales service is beyond incredible. To cut a long story short, Rocket Languages credited an amount that I had paid to Apple for level 1 French, which Apple would not refund (despite what I considered valid grounds), and provided me with the whole three level course for their low Easter promotion price... More

Bob Soltys

Rocket French — United States
3 months ago

Outstanding lessons and customer service. The conversations are what I usually encounter in the airport, and now I'm ready to speak better French and use it more. Customer service was very helpful getting the practice sessions to work on an older iPhone... More

Owen McAteer

Rocket French — harwood heights, illinois, United States
3 months ago

After many years of working on my French I feel Rocket is where I want to be. What I find especially helpful is the practice in understanding spoken French. I still have a long way to go but the Rocket execises, I feel, have put me on the right road. More

ariel alud-ud

Rocket French — montreal, Canada
2 months ago

it's an awesome opportunity to learn french thru rocket language. it is easy to understand. very well spoken words and very clear. i hope i can do the full version for me to totally speak my french. this website/ app is highly recommended to all the people out there who wants to really speak in french... More

Ann-Marie McNess

Rocket French — Australia
1 month ago

Rocket Languages is an engaging, interactive program for learning French. I found the daily emails motivating and the content covered useful. I will certainly recommend it to others interested in improving their French in fun and practical way. More

Amy Wagner

Rocket French — United States
30 days ago

Cannot get ahold of the support team and cannot sign in from the public library for free lessons since I already signed up for a trial account. Completely unacceptable. Would like for them to delete my email so I could possibly have access from the library system, but it is impossible to get ahold any one! Note by Rocket Languages: Hi Amy, thanks for your feedback... More

Amy C


Rocket French — United States
29 days ago

I love this program. The interactive audio courses are amazing! I feel like I am learning so much French and enjoying the process. I will definitely use this program to learn other languages in the future. More

Cali Sadora


Rocket French — Atlanta, GA, United States
25 days ago

RF is a quality program, it's voice recognition best I have seen. there are discounted prices available that make it a good deal. would like to see it continue to develop learning scenarios. still not sure if RF or any other learning method will prepare one to comprehend native speakers in France... More

Robert Williams


Rocket French — Cardiff, United Kingdom
18 days ago

Overall a very good product, all of the dialogue is clear and of high quality. The reinforcement section is particularly good for practicing what you've learnt. Rocket French is one of the better premium products out there and I recommend it to any serious language learner. More

Gabrielle D


Rocket French — Australia
11 days ago

I've subscribed to many language courses and used many methods, and this is by far the most comprehensive and well-structured. It shows clearly how it aligns with the CEFR, which I find very useful. I've had some trouble using the "record" feature on PC, but I find I am very well able to use it through iOS, and so I can get the full suite of features one way or another... More

Esther Gebel


Rocket French — VA, United States
6 days ago

This is my first week with Rocket Languages in French. I am a senior who used to be fluent in this language as well as others, many, many years ago. Some words and phrases do look familiar, but I am a bit overwhelmed at this point... More

Denise cusack


Rocket French — Australia
6 days ago

I absolutely love Rocket French. It has help my pronunciation and accent so much. I can practice anywhere on the way home on the bus. The grammar lessons are so easy to understand. I had been struggling with learning french until I took up Rocket french. More

Stephen Hebert


Rocket French — France
4 days ago

I like this program a great deal. It's very well structured and pragmatic. My only true complaint is the voice recognition software. I live in France and if most of the French can understand me then why doesn't the program recognize my voice? More

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