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Jonathan Ray

Rocket German
6 years ago

I recently was introduced to your programme from my local library. It has been both informative and helpful! I really enjoy the useful vocabulary and informative cultural tips. It is very very very very very very very very cool!!!! More

Marvin Wallace

Rocket German — Montgomery, AL
5 years ago

I started with Rocket German several years ago but somehow got lost in the shuffle of time and situations. I have re-opened my account and find a completely new format so will have to browse the site extensively to feel comfortable but it looks very interesting and seems to have great potential... More

Brian Owens

Rocket German — SC, United States
3 months ago

While I am enjoying, and learning from Rocket language I have two major gripes. 1) Many of the conversations are between to native English speakers who do not pronounce like native Germans (Which is the goal of language learning) and the audio "lesson" can get rather tedious and forced sounding... More

suja acharya

Rocket German — Pune, Maharashtra
4 years ago

One of the best sites I have come across, wherein I can learn a basic language at my leisure time free of cost. Its audio lessons makes it more easier to learn pronunciation of the language. Its PDF format lesson that can be printed or saved to retrieve it latter for learning... More

Dhanya Chandran

Rocket German — India
1 year ago

The classes are simply awesome, especially the interactive sessions. They make you feel like you are already on your way to speaking great German! The pronunciations and grammatical nuances are clearly explained and there are lots of examples to learn from... More

Dimi Alehins

Rocket German — Berlin, Germany
10 months ago

I am satisfied with the service and I have a suggestion what can be improved further. I like the idea of a comprehensive course available at any time. What I miss is downloadable audios - not the dialogues, but the phrases... More

Erik Rideout

Rocket German — Vancouver, BC, Canada
2 years ago

Comprehensive lessons, each leaving you feeling accomplished and confident. Every lesson section can take 45 minute to listen to and complete. As such, each Rocket German level has easily hundreds of hours of content... More


Rocket German — Shenyang
6 years ago

The series of German courses are very good for me. The words and expressions are very common in the daily life. After learning some free audio lessons, my German level has upgraded a lot since I graduated from the university, with German as my second foreign language... More

Pejman Salehi

Rocket German — Iran (Islamic Republic of)
2 years ago

من ایرانی هستم و متاسفانه امکان خرید برایم ممکن نیست. من از سایت رایگان دولینگو استفاده می‌کنم و در یادگیری زبان آلمانی پیشرفت خوبی داشته‌ام... More

Petr Stříbný

Rocket German
6 years ago

Rocket German is a great German learning course. The lessons cover the most common life situations, although sometimes more examples of different variations of the same situation would be nice. I like that there are two indicators how well you know a certain lesson ("hear it", "learn it"), which is useful for tracking to your progress. More

Terry Horan

Rocket German — SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom
2 years ago

I like the interaction in the 'Play it' section but there are problems; 1. The programme frequently states that it has not heard my reply - despite that when I press playback my reply is very clearly there - this is very frustrating and time consuming... More

ian durie

Rocket German — dundee, United Kingdom
2 years ago

An interesting language program but has problems playing in the company's recommended browser " Chrome ", keeps crashing used different laptops using Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 10 whilst using " Chrome "... More


Rocket German — Chennai
5 years ago

Rocket Language course for German Language study is really useful and one can attend to the course at his or her timings. One aspect that is of highly appreciative isthat what is required of one to go over to a Language Lab all theway is easily reachable at our home and at our study desk... More

Kahlen L

Rocket German — China
2 years ago

I just went through the introduction, the only problem I had would be there's no spelling in the conversation. If I would be listening to this program without pre-study the contents, it's hard to remember the sentence afterwards. More

David L


Rocket German — United States
7 days ago

There is a lot to love about Rocket Languages - particularly the way you are encouraged to speak and interact with the material. The material, though, is the reason I am cancelling Rocket German Level 3... More

Jinane Janine
1 Like

Rocket German — Rabat, Morocco
2 years ago

I found the program very useful. This makes me so motivated to accomplish my learning of German even if it's seems difficult at the beginning(especially i'm learning it for the first time). I can't deny that there is a remarquable progress in my learning due to the methodology of this Rocket Language. More

Christina Tait

Rocket German — United States
2 years ago

I would recommend Rocket Languages if you are a complete beginner. But it is frustrating for someone, who has basic familiarity with the language and is looking to improve. The program has too many elements, like the speaking, writing, quizzing, etc... More

Justine Malingrey

Rocket German
4 years ago

My partner has RocketFrench, which is great and which he enjoys. I am a language teacher, so I help reinforce. Now, I just bought RocketGerman -with the same hopes of the French version- and lasted 4 minutes of intro and am SHOCKED: I want to learn German, so why is Nik being such a bitch to Paul, saying his German accent is not as sexy as a French accent?! Why is she saying "especially if your daily job does not require a lot of brain power"... More

Michael Weinberger

Rocket German — Canada
2 years ago

It is very frustrating that I cannot offline download the lessons in the app itself on my iPhone. It would have been better that way. I want to be able to use it in the car that way. I know you can download it through iTunes, but that is too cumbersome... More

Andrea Bishop

Rocket German
6 years ago

I am having a lot of fun with Rocket German, and next, Rocket Spanish. This program is pretty great. I hope lots of people make use of it. Other programs I have tried did not compare. More

Glenn White

Rocket German
6 years ago

Awesome does not express how really really ausgezeichnet the program is. Every time I come back to the lessons, I learn something new. Each lesson provides practice in many different situations. The tests at the end of the lessons are a little too easy, but it works... More

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