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Cord Meijering

Rocket Korean — Gdarmstadt, Germany
3 years ago

Hi, I am a composer and I am 61 years old. That means on one side that I know a lot about memorizing music, that has - like language - also rhythm and sound. On the other hand my brain is not so young like a 20 years old person... More

Jon Broadwell

Rocket Korean
5 years ago

Rocket Korean is a great program and I am very satisfied. Rocket Korean is an excellent study curriculum to accompany live conversation practice with my wife and her Korean family. Very easy to follow and I actually enjoy studying! More

Destiny Kruger

Rocket Korean — Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, United States
2 years ago

I love this site!! I'm currently learning Korean, and it's really helping me!! I just started using the site, and I've already learned so much!! It's awesome!! I totally recommend this! It's even great for beginners!! More

Veronica Askia

Rocket Korean — San Diego, CA, United States
3 years ago

I have tried many sites and books for learning a new language and this is by far the most effective and promising program I have ever used. I want to teach overseas but did not want to go without knowing the language... More

Lorie Parate

Rocket Korean — Manila, Philippines
3 years ago

The website is very user friendly and more interactive towards users. This is much more useful than officially enrolling in a course because in here you can have control of your time. The resources are also useful and resourceful. More

Aziza Karriem

Rocket Korean — Cape Town, South Africa
3 months ago

I always thought that learning the language would be difficult but Rocket Korean has made it easy to speak, write and understand Korean. Now i can watch my favorite Korean series without subtitles and understand k-pop songs!!! More

Julissa Perez

Rocket Korean
6 years ago

I'm just at a beginner's level, but so far I like the lessons. I searched for a long time for a Korean program online. The program is very useful because it includes not only a language section but also lessons on writing skills... More

DARREN  tong

Rocket Korean — SELANGOR
5 years ago

fantastic, easy way to learn foreign language. Regardless of your education level, as long as you understand simple english, you will be understand all the content in the course. I would recommend it to everybody who wish to learn language. More

Angela Buhrow

Rocket Korean — Houston, TX, United States
3 years ago

I honestly cannot believe how much progress I have made in one day alone. Rocket Korean has put an end to my struggle of learning the language and I'm finally excited to keep moving forward in learning Korean! More

April  Akeo

Rocket Korean — United States
5 years ago

I am part Korean and wanted to learn how to speak the language. I have been searching online for a product that would work for me. Rocket Korean has been very easy to use and allows visual, interactive, and audio learning, which I find one of the best ways to learn... More

Somi Arshad

Rocket Korean — Pakistan
2 years ago

I like it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can learn any language very quickly . But i'm having problem with the audio tests ,could someone please help me... More

Jenni  Kim

Rocket Korean — NC, United States
6 years ago

I absolutely love this program! My sister and I know Korean so we go around test programs and I have got to tell you, this one is worth the money, time and effort. It's the best one we've seen in a long time! Our friends always ask us to teach them now they can use this to talk to us! Thank you Rocket Korean! More

Endia Terrell

Rocket Korean — gary, United States
3 years ago

I really love rocket korean! and i am learning to speak korean very good. at first i was giving up on speaking korean because all of the sites i was visiting were not useful. but ever since i found this website and herd how good they are that changed my mind so quick! i am so glad i've found this website and sooner or later i would know how to speak korean!^^ More

Sirithia  Edwards

Rocket Korean — San Bernardino
4 years ago

I would like to thank you rocketlanguages. For all the help in learning the language, the culture. I have enjoyed it. It very clear and simple. You have made it very easy. It is something I will continue on doing... More

Cherry Garcia

Rocket Korean — Philippines
3 years ago

this is my first time to learn a different language online and when i was directed into this website i find this site interesting and very helpful. i am so satisfied that i didn't try to find a different website, i was able to learn Korean language because it was explained clearly and easy to follow... More

Emi S

Rocket Korean
6 years ago

I think this would be the best choice for you guys who wants to learn korean. They have the well structure for the beginner. And now my friend and I are using this learning system together, it helps us to figure out how to pronounce the correct accent in korean. More

peter  Nguyen

Rocket Korean — 92683
6 years ago

Rocket Korean is the best learning software for beginners interested in learning the Korean language. The lessons are very thorough on pronunciation and the games help a lot for memorizing. I really liked how there are lessons for learning culture to help understand the language more effectively... More

Maaz Farooq

Rocket Korean — Makkah, Jeddah
6 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam, I like this software/program and its price is very good. I hope to learn much from this software/program and learn other languages. I can speak Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi, Sairiki, Arabic, English and learning Korean... More

chie lopxx
1 Like

Rocket Korean — cebu, Philippines
1 year ago

I learned many things something new about rocketl languages i know how to speak korean languages,...i am happy that little by little i can speak korean now ...even if the others are a bit difficult and hard ,and its quite difficult how to speak or the pronounciation rather its a bit hard but if you have the will to learn then its worth it ... More

edjayson amparo

Rocket Korean — philippines, Philippines
3 years ago

this is the best, and thank you to create this site i can learn about to my dream country and how to speak and write the hangul word. this is a blessing for us who cannot understand their languages. and more people is to be satisfied to create an account on this site. More


Rocket Korean — algers
5 years ago

I just love this program it's soo helpful for me and easy so, i'll keep learning till I will be able to communicate with native speakers and korean even i'm arabic but really love korea and wanna go some day to seoul but don't know how to talk, and finally i found the right teacher for me thanks :) More

Hannah McCoy

Rocket Korean — Oregon, United States
3 years ago

There are so many ways you can learn. Being a visual learner, I'm very thankful that the audio lessons don't just have the audios, but also the written out versions and translations. It makes learning a easy and fun. More

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