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Bill Smith

Rocket Spanish — United Kingdom
7 months ago

I started to learn Spanish at an Adult Community College and it was hard going because there were insufficient resources and I was hampered by the pace of other learners. I researched many online systems but settled for Rocket Languages for a few reasons: 1) It's good value for money and has received good reviews 2) All of the resources are downloadable for offline use 3) With a 60 day money back guarentee, how can you go wrong? Now I have some experience with the system I can say that the content is very good, everything so far seems to be explained accurately... More

Kathryn Henry

Rocket Spanish — Halifax, Canada
7 months ago

I have only been using the program for a short time but so far I love it. Compared to other popular language programs I have used, Rocket is the best. The only thing I would like to see added that this program lacks is, reading material... More

Rick Coulis

Rocket Spanish — Burlington, Canada
7 months ago

I've taken several college level Spanish courses and learned words and conjugations but very little speaking and that is my weakness. I started with the first lesson on Rocket, and I found the hearing, speaking, and reading along with immediate reinforcement has really helped my ability to communicate in Spanish... More

Esther Layman

Rocket Spanish — Ontario, CA, United States
7 months ago

Muchas Gracias. Soy aprendiendo espanol para rocket! I love that rocket makes learning fun and it’s easy to get caught up in the lessons so that you hardly know how much time you have put in studying... More

Julianna Greer

Rocket Spanish — United States
6 months ago

I've only had the program for a week. So far I'm enjoying it. I wish they could add podcasts like Duolingo has. I haven't used customer services so I really can't comment to that. But the sign up was easy. More

Joseph Butts

Rocket Spanish — Wildwood, Florida, United States
6 months ago

I learned about Rocket Languages from the YouTube channel of Tangerine Travels. They used it to learn Spanish to travel through Mexico. I joined a Spanish club to learn and this has helped me already even though I'm very new at Spanish. More

Julie Brackenbury

Rocket Spanish — New Port Richey, Fl, United States
6 months ago

I love this course! The conversational lessons are great, they allow me to practice while running on the treadmill which is a bonus! The reinforcement tools help you to really retain the information. I have been using it every day for over a month now and have really improved my Spanish skills More


Rocket Spanish — CO, United States
6 months ago

Summary: It is most important to start SPEAKING a language as soon as possible to get comfortable with it. I think that Rocket does a decent job getting you ready with some key phrases, pronunciation, and review, but it overloads the learner with too much new vocabulary per lesson... More

Tom Ramer

Rocket Spanish — Okinawa, Japan
5 months ago

Absolutely wonderful course/product. I enthusiastically recommend. Great format. The interactive features Awsome. If you buy hey the ‘whole package’. Now 15th Anniversary Sale Get a huge 60% off - limited time only... More

Ellen Madono

Rocket Spanish — Saitama, Japan
5 months ago

I am generally very happy with the spoken feedback and the quality of the instruction of Spanish. Unfortunately often my mic fails to pick up my spoken answer correctly. I bought a special mic for my iPhone and I hope that the mic performance will improve... More

riyah abdi

Rocket Spanish — nairobi, Kenya
5 months ago

i highly recommend rocket spanish cause it has helped me to clear out the confusions i had when it comes to masculine and feminine words and it has built the confidence in me to at least try and speak spanish with the correct pronunciation... More

Maung Kyaw Thura HTun

Rocket Spanish — yangon, Myanmar
5 months ago

it is very useful and exeleant for all learners. we myanmar spanish lesrners are very proud to be your members. however,right now we are giving thanks your term. muchisimas gracias por todos ayudos suyos. More

Bruce Gilmore

Rocket Spanish — Taunton, United Kingdom
4 months ago

Great course and I have learnt a great deal. My only negative comment is that the course so far (nearly finished level 1) does not give enough teaching on putting the language together, rather it teaches phrases... More

Fred Ryan

Rocket Spanish — California, United States
3 months ago

Almost Great The organization of material, and its presentation are great. There is one technical flaw, however, and it is major, and inexcusable in this very expensive app. In neither the Lesson or the Conversation can you stop or go back to something that you are not sure of... More

Simone Bale

Rocket Spanish — NSW, Australia
3 months ago

Audio lessons are a great tool to practice speaking aloud. It would be great to have audio with the option of slow motion when listening. Thanks for providing such a great application!! I have already learnt so much. More

Bill Landman

Rocket Spanish — Idaho Falls, Id, United States
2 months ago

Out is very difficult to get the scoring of certain spoken words to work properly. Course 9.11 is the most frustrating Rocket Spanish lesson so far. In the"Hear it Say it" module, every single infinitive - conocer, poder, querer, etc- could not be scored 100% no matter how it was pronounced. More

Art Wheeler

Rocket Spanish — United States
2 months ago

I would like first of all to comment on Bill Landman's review of two days ago. I am not yet up to Level 9 (only at Level 5), but I have had no trouble with pronunciation being recognized thus far, so I jumped ahead to Lesson 9... More

Robert Hartness

Rocket Spanish — Barnard Castle, United Kingdom
2 months ago

This a fantastic learning tool for me. Me gusta para it a in grupo de Espanol cada semana. Yo soy entiendo com amigos ingles. Yo tengo in accento Espanol de Madrid! Pedro no es una problemo para me. Yo comprendo Maurice pefectamente... More

Derry Kabcenell

Rocket Spanish — United States
2 months ago

I'm very happy with this Spanish program. I have tried several others and been disappointed with the level of instruction -- some focus primarily on vocabulary, others on writing, for example. This one gives you a sense of the language and, importantly, how it is used in real life... More

prince Yeboah

Rocket Spanish — accra, Ghana
2 months ago

The trial version of the spanish speaking is very educative and easy to understand. This can help many students who have travelled to spanish speaking countries from abroad to study . I wished many students in the billingual fields of study could know about Rocket languages. More

Stephen Williams


Rocket Spanish — New smyrna Beach, Fl, United States
25 days ago

I purchased Rocket Languages last year, but haven't had much of a chance to practice. I emailed the question if there is a time limit that I must learn my language by. They quickly responded that I have a Lifetime membership... More

Russell Hudson


Rocket Spanish — Folsom, California, United States
21 days ago

I am heading to Costa Rica early next year for a vacation and thought it would be good to have some local Spanish language skills. I tried a few on-line and other software program trials but found Rocket to have what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay... More

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