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Theda Rudd

Rocket Spanish — Tucson Arisona, United States
1 year ago

My review is short due to the fact that i only recently found Rocket Spanish since moving to Arizona. I hope to keep my skills as time progresses. Thank you for this opportunity. I have leaned Spanish, and French and use them both when traveling... More

Douglas Martinez

Rocket Spanish — Tennessee, United States
9 months ago

I love this site. The setup and option to choose difficulty is brilliant. I especially love how rocketlanguage breaks everything down. I would definitely get this if it wasn’t so expensive. I would rather buy Rosetta stone for a lot less. More

Teertho Bhattacharya

Rocket Spanish
4 years ago

The product is not working and is confusing. The price is okay but some parts are working fine and others are the most horrible thing that is possible is that the "Play it part" is not working and is not compatible my computer and that is causing problems with the learning experience... More

Barbara Wilson

Rocket Spanish — Maldonado, Uruguay
2 years ago

The package is very well organized and well-planned, but I find it confusing. After completing Duolingo and Santamaria's Synergy Spanish, I'm not finding my proper level in Rocket Spanish and the system doesn't let me move ahead... More

Andrew Kornweibel

Rocket Spanish — United Kingdom
2 years ago

The accent is laughable. As in, my spanish friends couldn't stop laughing. It's Mexican spanish, in a bad accent. The plays and lessons are mired in stereotypes, sexist, and awful. As far as actually learning Spanish goes, I'm struggling on with it, but I can't say it's really helped so far... More

Ian Corbett

Rocket Spanish — Xalapa
4 years ago

A very disappointing course. May I suggest that you review the free DUOLINGO course and try and learn from them. I have also found many errors in the text. No, I do not intend to go back through and innumerate them for you. More

Ellen Madono

Rocket Spanish — Saitama, Japan
3 months ago

I am generally very happy with the spoken feedback and the quality of the instruction of Spanish. Unfortunately often my mic fails to pick up my spoken answer correctly. I bought a special mic for my iPhone and I hope that the mic performance will improve... More

Mago  Tilden

Rocket Spanish
3 years ago

I couldn't get into it as I am at a more advanced level and I could find much in my trial edition. I never signed up to pay because of that. I didn't use customer service and can't really say about the price and I don't remember what it was... More

Brian Peek

Rocket Spanish — EL Reno OK, United States
2 years ago

Speaking in your target language I think is the key to success. The more you speak the faster you learn. Rocket Languages has a test called Play It. It's where you in engage in a conversation with a native speaker... More

Seccra Card

Rocket Spanish — United States
11 months ago

I like the interactive part it really helps with memory. So far the voice recognition has been really annoying, maybe because im a perfectionist and when it wont record correctly I cant move on. Also I have not had any grammar lesson on conjugations... More

Bill Landman


Rocket Spanish — Idaho Falls, Id, United States
27 days ago

Out is very difficult to get the scoring of certain spoken words to work properly. Course 9.11 is the most frustrating Rocket Spanish lesson so far. In the"Hear it Say it" module, every single infinitive - conocer, poder, querer, etc- could not be scored 100% no matter how it was pronounced. More

Polly Keeling

Rocket Spanish — United States
11 months ago

It is too frustrating. It doesn’t always understand what I am saying, even if I am saying it correctly. I don’t think I should have to know every ñ, é, á etc. when I am writing. It takes way too long... More

george pilgrim

Rocket Spanish — palm coast
5 years ago

I have tried other ways and other programs to learn Spanish,and I find Rocket Spanish is the most engaging and the most fun way of learning the language.I LOVE MY ROCKET SPANISH. Geopill More

Nicholas Pellerin

Rocket Spanish — United States
1 year ago

I was astonished by the sexism and gender stereotypes, there were even lessons about the nativity. I wanted to share these lessons with my partner, who is more advanced than me, but I was too embarrassed, and some lessons were unlistenable for me, due to these problems... More

Elaine Taylor
1 Like

Rocket Spanish — Mississauga
6 years ago

I've been looking for an interactive program to teach me Spanish... and Rocket Languages fits the bill! It's easy to use, cheaper than the competition and fits my learning style. Can't ask for more! More

Darlene Baker

Rocket Spanish — United States
2 years ago

I would love Rocket Languages if it would work and the sound would stop cutting out. I ask for help they say it will take 2 days to get a response for my request. I really thought the first course 1.1 was great but i cant get past 1... More

Kimberly  Alston

Rocket Spanish — Asheboro
5 years ago

I love rocket language because i learn a whole lot i am 11 years old and i went to this web site because I've been wanting to learn Spanish and know i now Spanish, so gracious/ thank you for helping me learn Spanish so adios/goodbye p... More


Rocket Spanish — Chino hills, CA, United States
8 months ago

The microphone on the trial program worked fine until I purchased the Spanish 1-3, then the microphone stopped working. I loaded the program onto another device, the microphone worked, but the 'play' button did not work! Very difficult to concentrate when there are so many technical difficulties with the program. More

Edgar Tawes

Rocket Spanish — Statesboro, GA, United States
2 years ago

I was using Spanishpod101, and I switched to RocketSpanish based on online reviews. I regret the decision. I'm disappointed that there's no means to diagnose my proficiency and place me in the appropriate level... More

Ian Corker

Rocket Spanish — United Kingdom
1 year ago

This started well, but the App was changes and now the microphone does not give any time to respond. Despite repeated requests to rectify the problem, nothing has changed. I am now forced to request my money back as the product is NOT fit for purpose... More

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