Tener, Saber, Conocer in the imperfect

Tener, Saber, Conocer in the imperfect

As I mentioned in the section on Verbs that Say One Thing and Mean Something Else, there are words that change their meaning when put into the preterite tense from the present. These words change BACK to their original meaning when put in the imperfect.

Let’s review.

Verb Present Tense Preterite Imperfect
conocer conozco (I know) conocí (I met) conocía (I knew)
saber sé (I know) supe (I found out) sabía (I knew)
tener tengo sed (I’m thirsty) tuve sed (I got thirsty) tenía sed (I was thirsty)


Por ejemplo:


In the next section we'll talk about sentences involving the form: How Long Ago Did It Happen?

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